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German Web Content and Social Media Manager


  • Native German speaker
  • Strong writing, editing, and proofreading skills
  • Experience in writing for the Web, content management and internet research
  • Creative mind
  • Advantage: Experience with social networks and implementation of social media marketing
  • Advantage: Experience with HTML, CSS, and working with content management systems (CMS)

Job description

As part of the Online Marketing team you will help develop strategies to reach and attain new clients, stir discussion, and drive traffic to the company website and social media platforms. You are responsible for writing and publishing quality Web content, maintaining and updating Web pages/blogs and participating in social media efforts for the company.


  • Writes and posts content online
  • Maintains company Web pages and blog(s)
  • Contributes to/updates the company‚Äôs social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
  • Helps plan and implement social marketing campaigns
  • Helps with the implementation of SEO factors on the company site

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